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Why do you require so much more information than other online services?

We can't provide completely customized formation documents and forms unless we have all the necessary information. Most online services provide only preprinted sample documents or send you a CD with form documents for you to select and edit. Some provide so-called customized documents but the customization is very limited.

Why do some questionnaires request a Social Security Number?

We will only ask for SSNs if you specifically request us to provide a service for which we must list your SSN. For example, the IRS forms for obtaining a federal taxpayer identification number, or EIN, and for making an S Corporation election, both require an SSN.

What happens if I can't complete a questionnaire in one session?

You are not required to complete a questionnaire in one session. You must create an account before you begin completing a questionnaire. Each time you log in as an existing client, you will see any sessions you have previously started and can select a session and continue to completion with all the information you entered previously saved for you.

Why must I create a new account to complete a questionnaire?

We require you to first create an account with a unique user name and password as a security measure. Many questionnaires contain confidential financial and identity information and your login information provides an added level of security to protect against unauthorized access to this information.

The Ordering Process

What is the processing procedure after I complete a questionnaire?

Every questionnaire is reviewed by an attorney before any documents are prepared. You are contacted to resolve any questions. If you complete a questionnaire to form a new entity, we next check the availability of your requested name(s), and then complete and submit your formation documents for filing based on the processing time you selected.

If you requested us to obtain a federal tax number (EIN), we will prepare the application form and email it to you in a password-protected PDF file for your review before we submit the application to the IRS to obtain your EIN.

As soon as your formation document has been returned to us, we'll obtain your EIN (if part of the service you requested), and email your formation document and assigned EIN to you promptly to enable you to open a bank account for your new entity.

We then order your corporate kit (minute book, stock certificates and seal), prepare all your remaining corporate documents and forms in accordance with your order, and ship everything to you via FedEx Ground with clear instructions.

How long does it take before my new entity is formed?

The processing time depends on two main factors: the processing times currently offered or being experienced in your formation state and the processing time you selected for your particular transaction. We can control how quickly we act on your completed questionnaire and prepare and submit your order for processing in your formation state, but we cannot control or guarantee the processing time once it's in the hands of the state formation agency except for states that offer a 24 or 48 hour processing option. For states offering this option, they will be listed in the optional services for your formation state.

Note: the 24-48 hour processing time is the time a formation state takes to process your submitted document. Your actual receipt of the formation document from the time you submit a completed questionnaire until the time we email your formation document to you often requires an additional 2-5 business days depending on the return delivery options offered by your formation state.

Can I make changes to my order after submitting my questionnaire?

If documents have not yet been sent to a government agency for processing, changes can always be made without charge. If formation documents have been sent for filing, we must determine whether the state accepts substitute or replacement documents at all, and if so, whether any charges are imposed. We will notify you of the options in each case.

Internal documents (bylaws, minutes, operating agreements, etc.) that are not sent to any government agency may always be changed.

What happens if there are mistakes on my documents?

If there is a mistake on any internal documents we prepare that can be corrected without incurring any filing fees or other third party expenses, we will gladly correct it at no charge even if it was a typo or other mistake you made in completing your online questionnaire that we could not easily detect. For example, if you misspelled your street name or number or the name of an officer you listed.

Any mistake on a form that we have submitted to a government agency and for which a filing fee or other out-of-pocket expense is required, we will correct at our expense if we are responsible for the error. If the error was due to inaccurate information you provided, we will prepare corrected documents for you but reserve the right to charge a reasonable fee depending on the amount of work involved. You will be responsible for paying any third party fees required in such case.

Your Privacy and Security

How is the credit card information I provide at the end of my questionnaire used and stored?

We use an independent company,, as a payment portal to transmit the information you enter directly to your credit card processing bank for approval. We only receive email notification of the approval or disapproval of your payment transaction. No credit card information you enter is sent to us.

We undergo periodic PCI DSS Compliance checks from an independent company retained by our financial institutions to ensure that we achieve compliance with the associated programs of Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, and other credit card associations.

Will my email address be shared with anyone else?

No. We respect your privacy and do not sell, reveal, or otherwise share your email address with anyone outside our office with only one exception. If you request us to provide registered agent services for you, we are an affiliate of a national company that is authorized to provide registered agent services in every state. We will establish an account for you and provide your email address to our affiliate company so that they may contact you with any legal or other important documents they receive on your behalf.

How secure is your website?

Our SSL Certificate features 256-Bit encryption and PCI compliance with all required procedures for the protection of your information whether transmitted electronically or stored in our web server.

Our Reputation and Reliability

How can I verify that you are a trustworthy and reliable company?

Start with our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau where you'll find no customer complaints or negative comments. Check the Ripoff Report, or other recognized online consumer complaint resource and check for any customer complaints. Check the seals posted on our website for validity, check with the Texas Secretary of State to confirm we exist and are in good standing.

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