Our Advantage

Our Advantage

The Nationwide Incorporators Advantage

Free Initial Phone Consultation With An Experienced Attorney.
Attorney Prepared And Reviewed Documents.
Professional And Personalized Service At Self-Help Prices.

The Value of An Attorney

When you check the websites of other online incorporation services, do you know the credentials of the people who are providing you information and preparing your legal documents? A site may have been "created by top attorneys" but how much value is this if only non-attorneys are providing information and preparing documents? Other leading sites may only provide you with sample forms or a CD and leave it to you to complete your formation documents and forms.

For about the same cost, Nationwide Incorporators offers a free initial phone consultation with an experienced attorney to discuss your specific business and have your questions answered. You have the confidence of knowing you've received valuable information to help select a business type that's fits your needs.

A Fast and Simple Process

Your completed online questionnaire is promptly reviewed and processed. We first check the availability of your requested names, then prepare your formation document for the quickest processing based on the processing time you've requested. We email your filed formation document to you the same day it's returned to us. If you requested us to obtain your new federal tax number (EIN), we send that to you in the same email. You're now ready to open a new bank account and begin running your business through your new corporation or LLC.

We quickly begin preparing all your remaining customized forms and documents based on the package you selected and everything is shipped and/or emailed to you within several days with clear instructions for returning any signed forms to us to process on your behalf. You're then sent conformed copies of all forms processed with governmental agencies to complete your records.

Extremely Competitive and Clear Pricing

Our prices are clearly stated and easy to understand. You choose the level of service you desire and pay a package price for bundled services and any additional services you request.

For about the same prices charged by the leading online incorporation services, you have the confidence of having an experienced attorney handle your matter exclusively from beginning through completion.

A Valuable Resource for CPAs and Their Clients

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