The Founder and President: An Experienced Corporate Attorney

Nationwide Incorporators was created for these simple reasons:

  • Attorneys charge too much, especially for simple tasks.
  • Forming a new business entity is an important decision and can be a daunting task without obtaining information about legal entities from an experienced attorney.
  • Online incorporation services are mostly "document filing" or "self-help" services that don't offer attorney-provided information or formation documents.

The company was founded by Mike Ross in California in 1997. He has been providing corporate services as an attorney for almost 40 years.

After graduating from Loyola University School of Law in 1972, Mr. Ross began in private practice specializing in corporate and real estate law and civil litigation in the Los Angeles area. In 1986 he left private practice to become senior in-house corporate counsel for a major home builder in Southern California where he formed and maintained many different corporations for various residential and commercial real estate development projects.

Mr. Ross started this company to exclusively handle corporate formations and maintenance documentation. He takes great pride in the quality of the services and documents the company provides and personally prepares or reviews all documents before they leave the office.

Our Advantage: Attorney-Provided Services and Documents

We know of no other online incorporation service that offers information from an experienced attorney, attorney–prepared documents and forms, and prices that are very competitive with the leading online incorporation services that don't offer these services.

We do not provide legal advice, but you do receive information from an experienced corporate attorney who specializes in corporate formations. The information is provided to enable you to make your own decision on the best entity type and tax classification for your particular business and ownership structure, together with any tax advice from your financial advisor that may be required.

Don't Confuse Volume with Quality

Volume may be an important factor in some purchasing decisions but it may be misplaced when searching for a quality incorporation service. Having a large advertising budget and paying to always be listed among the top hits on a search engine will likely produce a sizeable volume of business but volume alone does not equate to quality services or products. We believe it is more important to provide expert assistance and personalized attorney-prepared documents at an affordable price. This is not easily done on a volume basis.

To that point, if you carefully read the fine print on some of the leading online incorporation websites, you'll discover that your formation documents and forms may actually be generated by the company's automated software directly from the information you enter in its online questionnaire and not by a human being.

At Nationwide Incorporators®, your online questionnaire is reviewed by an attorney before any documents are prepared, and then your formation documents and forms are always prepared or reviewed by an experienced corporate attorney before leaving our office.

Reputation is Key

Since starting the company in 1997, we have earned the confidence of a large network of accountants who use our service personally or regularly refer their clients to us because of the advantages we offer over self-help services. Their reputations are on the line if we don't deliver, but we have earned their trust and confidence and their continued loyalty because of the quality of services we provide and the always positive feedback they receive from their clients.

Choosing the Proper Business Type is a Complex Decision

Corporations and LLCs should not be viewed as commodities (like a printer or digital camera) where one simply goes online and searches for the cheapest price. There are many types of corporations and a variety of tax classifications to choose from after an entity type is selected.

It can be a confusing and daunting task to understand the advantages and disadvantages of different business entities. It is equally difficult to evaluate how each of these factors applies to your particular business and have confidence that you've selected the best business type and tax classification.

We offer free phone consultation with an attorney to discuss these issues and provide the information you need to be confident in the specific type of entity you select to operate your business.

Finally, we build a relationship with business owners. After your formation documents are completed and the last form is processed, we remain available as long as you need us with free attorney assistance to answer any questions about maintaining your new entity.

Our Guarantee

Every aspect of your matter is personally completed or reviewed by an experienced attorney before leaving our office. We will gladly correct any errors we have made at no cost to you by providing you with revised documents or forms or re-filing any documents. We take great pride in our work and the service we provide. For all the details of our guarantee, please check read the information provided in the Legal Stuff link on our website.

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